The purpose of LHEI

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Southewest Detroit, 2020

As humans continue to treat their environment in precarious ways, most of us know the problems but disregard our own impacts. Too often the solutions seem scattered and inadequate, but the various impacts we have on our environment are tremendous, and can burden our immediate and long-term quality of life. Sometimes these effects are difficult to see or are hiding away. We deliberatly apply poisons to our food, air and water, and create ponds of toxic sludges in distant lands. The specific ramifications are difficult to determine, but humans and other life are impacted.

Fortunately, we may be evolving to more fully appreciate the impact we have on our environment. And we can determine the quality of the changes we are producing.

Given the need for knowledge and information about the impacts we have on our environment, and the risks of these environmental changes to our individual and public health, the Lab for Health and Environmental Information (LHEI) was created. LHEI was created to advance research on how information systems, information policies and technologies can facilitate communication about environmental and public health risks, an improve overall public knowledge about public and environmental health risks.

LHEI is a lab to study the connections between political, economic, health and environmental activities, and help to increase knowledge about environmental changes, the public and environmental healh risks of political and economic activities, and help improve overall public health in communities across the US and the world.

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Detroit River, 2019